General Crystal Dude FAQ's

What if my school map(s) are wrong?

Dude build its maps on the basis of discovery.
Sometimes it misses devices and/or labels then incorrectly ...especially routers.
If you find an error please email Geoff with further details so we can get it correct.

Users and Passwords?
Each user has a unique username, password and is locked to a specific IP address.

Where can I view Dude from?
You can ONLY view Dude from inside your school.
The path between your school and Crystal is locked.

Dude security is tight ... sometimes too tight and the app will not let you do as you want.
It is possible to weave your way around the way different pages are accessed (not the package- just different internal pages)... but please don't do this otherwise I will have to tighten up the security even further.
Please don't pass your access (user and password) around... if you want someone else to have access Geoff can easily build that user a new account.
The system has full logs and users are tracked.

What can I look at?

At the top of the Dude "Network Maps" list you can see a number of 'Crystal maps".
Feel free to look at these.
They may be handy when diagnosing a connection issue.
You can see that there are a number of different networks using this monitoring instance..
There are also parallel monitoring instances for special purposes such as farm security, CCTV, automated systems etc.